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Complete ICT provides user friendly solutions for telecoms and IT equipment at the best prices available.

Complete-ICT was created in 2005 to assist with business requirements for new technology at low prices.
Based in Stoke-on-Trent and with a wide variety of products available from all manufacturers and service providers, Complete-ICT can assist your business by taking control of your account administration.

Mobile Communications

Complete-ICT is an independant provider and can search all of the network tariffs for the best deals for you, providing:

  • SIM Free Mobiles Phones
  • Contract Mobile Phones and Upgraded Handsets
  • Smartphones and PDA’s
  • Bluetooth Headsets and other Devices
  • Car Kits, Fitted and Unfitted

Vehicle Tracking

One of the single biggest advantages of having a Vehicle tracking system for your transport and fleet vehicles is the fact that you can use it for the fuel savings opportunities that it provides.

Once you start monitoring your vehicles you will be able to reduce vehicle speeds, modify routes taken and control idle times. These are just a few of the things that you can do with a tracking system.

    Broadband Services

    With the increase in demand for business and residential internet access, Complete-ICT can bring many solutions at competitive prices.

    These products include Copper Wire (BT) connections and Fibre Optic connections as required. We can also provide GPRS Data Cards and USB Dongles for mobile internet on your laptop.

      The Full Package

      • One Bill; One telephone bill covering all your communication equipment
      • Free Internal Calls between mobile handsets for your business
      • Full support for any problems or warranty claims with our products and services
      • Quarterly reviews on your tariffs to ensure they are cost effective
      • 24 hour assistance for any problems
      • Support with advanced technology use and training

        Landline Telephones

        As with our mobile telephone provisions, our landline products are also independant of the networks allowing us to provide the best services at the best costs to you.

        We can offer:

            • VoIP Telephone Solutions
            • ISDN and PSTN Telephone Systems
            • Fax/Answerphone Systems
            • Computer Systems
            • Wiring Installation and Maintenance

        Other Services

            • Hands free car kit installation and configuration
            • Premicells and VoIP equipment configuration and installation
            • GPS/Satellite Navigation equipment/trackers installations
            • We can provide accessories for all our  products
            • Mobile broadband by using your existing handset or other equipment

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