Energy Manager

We strive to make energy management simpler. Our web portal is one of the UK’s most sophisticated energy monitoring & targeting software packages that monitors all your business utilities to help reduce energy consumption & cost.

If your organisation needs an easy way to monitor and manage its utilities, get in touch to find out more.

Site League Tables

If you’re working in a multi-site business, our site league tables enable you to see how each of your sites are performing and easily compare them to each other.

Completely Customisable Reports

Whether you’re looking to compare your actual energy usage to your target usage, or get to grips with your gas footprint, you can view and download the custom built reports you require in our web portal.

Unique User Views

We know that your finance manager might want to see different data to your energy manager, so you can set up bespoke dashboards for different users which means they can get all the information they need.

Detailed Data

If you really want to understand your usage, you need detailed data. With SystemsLink, you can drill down into your data to see how your consumption changes from day-to-day and hour-to-hour.

Smart Alarms

Our daily reports make it clear when you’re using more or less energy than usual, and you can even set alarms to alert you to unusual consumption; allowing you to take action and resole any issues sooner rather than later.

Data Automation

Our data collection service will transfer mandatory half hourly, AMR and BEMS data from data collectors / metering providers automatically into the web portal, ensuring energy analytics provide a close to live view.