5 ways to cut down on business mobile usage

Grappling with data limits can hold employee’s back from using their business mobiles as they need to.  The good news is there are some simple ways in which data usage can be managed and reduced so you can carry on using your business mobile for your everyday work and communications.

  1. Automatically Connect To WIFI

Sounds like a simple one, but when WIFI is available, use it!

Don’t eat up your precious data. If you visit other premises and places to meet colleagues or clients, you only need to do this once as your device will automatically connect next time. This is the by far biggest way to reduce data usage, so make sure to always check that a network is available, and you ask for the WIFI password! This is so important, especially if you join a video call or need to watch a video.

  1. Close Apps

Properly closing apps reduces data usage but it’s fair to say it’s a pretty unknown method! Apps that are left open continue to use data by sending and receiving information even when you’ve closed your screen. They also use your battery too, so make sure at the end of every day for example, you take the time to close them down.

  1. Find which apps use the most data

Go into your settings and find out which apps use the most data.  If there are some you don’t need or use anymore, then delete or turn them off.

  1. Download rather than stream

 Downloading music, podcasts or training videos for example when you’re connected to Wi-Fi will mean you use less data when you’re out and about. Streaming these uses a lot more data so it’s far better to download them onto your phone.

  1. Take the maps offline

Accessing maps when you’re out and about visiting clients is very handy, but they do use a lot of data. Download maps and use them in exactly the same way without needing WiFi or data!

It’s invaluable to work with a provider who can manage business mobile usage and change the tariff in real time, when it’s required.  If data usage is becoming a real issue and a hindrance to employees then this is something that only the smaller providers can deliver on.

At Complete ICT, we’re proud to deliver a bespoke service for every client and along with a dedicated account manager, you can always rely on us to give you the right advice and search for the best priced tariff which suits your business needs.

Contact us or take a look at our unlimited tariff and see how for such a small monthly cost, data usage worry is a thing of the past!