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5 ways vehicle tracking improves fleet management

Vehicle tracking helps to manage a fleet.

A fleet of vehicles, no matter how large or small can be difficult to manage.  Costs can quickly escalate, and the most efficient routes aren’t always utilised.

If your business operates a fleet, it’s time to manage those vehicles to ensure they’re continually effective and efficient.

  • Have control
  • Utilise data
  • Make better decisions

Vehicle tracking gives a business control over the fleet and helps to provide data to make the decision that matter.

So, what are the overall benefits of using vehicle tracking to manage a fleet?

  1. Improves safety and driver behaviour. Know where each vehicle is at all times, so if there is a breakdown or the driver is in trouble, assistance can be directed quickly to the specific location.  Monitoring speed increases driver awareness and behaviour, improving the overall safety of the driver and the vehicle.
  2. Reduces fuel costs. Optimise routes and amend where necessary ensuring fuel efficiency is increased.  Monitoring the speed and eliminating vehicle idling reduces fuel waste.
  3. Lowers operational costs. Having a clear and accurate picture increases a business’ understanding of where costs lie. It provides the information to make changes around fuel usage ensuring optimisation and control is maintained.  Analysing data to see where routes can be changed and how different fleets are being operated enables business owners to have transparency over the mobility of their fleet.
  4. Increases productivity. Vehicle tracking solutions provides the data to make better decisions around the use of vehicle time and enables them to be managed more effectively.  The performance of drivers can be managed ensuring they’re contributing to the effective operations of the fleet.  Monitoring stop offs, mileage calculations and any unauthorised breaks can all help to build a bigger picture.
  5. Vehicle theft protection. Know where your vehicles are at all times.  In the case of a vehicle theft, locate the vehicle quickly.

Vehicle tracking has a wealth of benefits for a company operating small, medium or large fleets.

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